About Our Company

About Our Company

Aspasie is a family owned and operated business founded in 1971 by two visionaries, Gaston and Nicole Glinas.

It currently employs 170 people, including Maxim, David and Anthony Glinas, the three sons of its founders and now the key decision-makers at Aspasie.

Since its beginnings, internationally renowned brands have not hesitated to give mandates to Aspasie for the creation and development of marketing solutions to highlight their products. This includes among other things, the design and manufacture of color charts, packaging and displays.

As mandates have come and gone, the innovative culture and desire for autonomy of production has led our company to employ the most advanced production equipment. This has also propelled the company into new markets, while helping to raise the manufacturing standards of the entire industry.

The last decade has also allowed Aspasie to penetrate the plastic packaging market thanks to the manufacture and printing of inmold labels. It is now making the required efforts to position itself as a major player in North America. Its mastery of the injection molding process allows it not only to be a partner of choice for molders, but also to reinvent buttons and frontons, key elements in the marketing strategies of certain of its clients. Furthermore, Aspasie is the first and only company to integrate this technology into the manufacture of these items.

Aspasie is proud of its origins and reputation for standards of quality, respect for deadlines, and its consistency and precision at every level, and is committed to pursuing this tradition of innovation and customer satisfaction!

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